Santo Niño Elementary School takes its name after a shrine that was constructed by the early residents of the neighborhood.  The shrine was erected to honor a saint by the name of Santo Niño de Atocha.  The shrine still stands today, along the Zapata Highway, not far from the school.  Although the shrine is still in existence it is no longer open to the public.

Santo Niño Elementary began its school existence when the Laredo Independent School District Board of Trustees decided to transfer the Montrose Building to the Santo Niño area.  The Santo Niño transfer arrangement must have been made in the latter part of 1959.  Mr. J.W. Nixon (Laredo Independent School District) stated that the last thing he had to present to the school board was a letter written by a committee of five ladies, who were patrons of Montrose Elementary School, and were in favor of the transfer.

 Mr. J.W. Nixon stated that he had discussed the matter with Mrs. B. Rodriguez, Montrose Elementary School principal, and she said that the arrangements could be made to release the old building requested.  The transfer of the old school building from Montrose Elementary (presently Leon Daiches Elementary School) constituted the beginning of Santo Niño Elementary School in January 14, 1960.  The building consisted of old barracks housing four classrooms, an office, and a bookroom.  It was pointed out that three thousand dollars had been allotted in the district’s budget for this expense.

 Mr. Byfield moved and Mr. Moore second that the project be carried out because of urgency.  Motion passed by vote of all trustees present.  Mr. Byfield and School Board President, Mr. Yeary, stated that moving this building was strictly an emergency measure to relieve the immediate situation.  Mr. Byfield asked what would be done about the long-range plan for that area.  Mr. Nixon said that this item would be included in the overall study of the property.

 In regards to the Santo Niño property, Mr. Byfield asked about the deed to the Santo Niño property in May 12, 1960.  He did not obtain a deed because there was a lady living on the property at that time.  It was suggested that Mr. Dryden could probably help the lady who owned the property to find another lot where she could live.  Mr. Byfield moved and Mr. Puig seconded that the bill be approved.  The motion carried.

Currently, Santo Niño has an enrollment of 682 students.  

During its existence, Santo Niño Elementary has had the listed below as Principals:

1960 – 1961                Annexed to Montrose/Daiches Elem.
1961 – 1963                Mrs. B. Rodriguez
1963 – 1977                Mr. Felipe Salazar
1977 – 1990                Mr. Cesar Salinas
1990 – 2001                Ms. Maria Ponce
2001 – 2003                Dr. Amira Mejia
2003 – 2007                Dr. Martha E. Villarreal
2007 - 2010                 Ms. Myrtala Ramirez
2010 - 2015                 Mrs. Oralia H. Cortez
2015 - 2021                 Mr. Jose Perez

2021-Present   Mrs. Michelle Gonzalez